Interactive installation

by Buro501

performed at the Vienna Urbanize! Festival 2015 DO IT TOGETHER

year: 2015

The authors present the city as a stage questioning the role of citizens in a predetermined urban scenario. The performance is interactive, combining digital technology with manual drawing techniques. Visitors are encouraged to contribute directly to creating an urban scenario, and hence return spontaneity, unpredictability and individuality to contemporary urban space. Everyday life as a performance is being played out in front of unforeseeable and accelerated political processes. By drawing their own lines over the projected contours, the authors attempt to capture the elusive. Markers are their tool while they move through digital fragmentation of a contemporary city and create an unexpected urban scene. They reaffirm their ownership of the street space and invite others to do the same.

Drawing facades over the interior walls is one way of highlighting and banalizing one’s powerlessness to influence one’s own environment. The process of creating a personal environment, here presented by designing and drawing street coulisse, is a play and a creative action – the essence of the everyday performances we all share.

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