Belgrade in a room

Interactive installation

by Buro501

performed at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space

year: 2015

PQ 2015

“Belgrade in a room” is an interactive video scenography presenting a city as common playground and everyday-life stage. Creating urban scenarios inside of a room is not a political novelty but it can be an art innovation. Performance engages all actors to participate into shaping their own environment.

PQ 2015PQ 2015pq-27.04-nk-8

This interactive video installation brings two images of the city. First is the projected one – the digital, constantly elusive image; the video of Belgrade street space moving horizontally across the walls of one room. The second one is a new layer of the city, created on site by all actors present. The authors, together with visitors. use ink markers to draw their own visual impressions over the existing image of the city.

pq-27.04-nk-109 pq-27.04-nk-95 pq-27.04-nk-69pq-27.04-nk-87 pq-27.04-nk-11